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ZapTheater Toolbox

ZapTheater leverages the awsome power of modern browsers to provide timing and animation.
You simply add some images and text, along with a a good story line, to create awesome presentations.

The links on this page provide stuff that will come in handy when you develop great presentations.
All links contain free items, some also offer additional paid items.

Image Storage Sites
Obviously images are at the core of ZapTheater presentations. Use Imgbox to store images that can be
inserted into your shows. Upload any image to Imgbox to generate a link, then insert the link into
your show. Here is a video tutorial:

If your images are on a server (like Google Drive, Instagram or your own server), you can provide a
link directly to the image - no upload required. Every image on the Internet has a link, you can use
the link to insert into your ZapTheater production.

Cache Cleaner (Highly recommended)
ZapTheater makes extensive use of the cache in your browser. Sometimes your changes will not appear on
screen because the browser is using the cached copy instead of the new copy on server. You can open
the browser history and manually clear cached images, but that can be a pain. We highly recommend
that you go to the Chrome store and add a cache cleaner to your browser.

We use "Singleclick Cleaner", and have it set to only clear images.

Animated gifs
Cartoonize Images
Background Removers
Make background of the image transparent